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Welcome to the beautiful world of natural veneer. Veneer is a natural wood product developed for conservation of our forest wealth. Wood is a vulnerable raw material. It is put to most economic use by slicing wooden logs into thin Veneer sheets of thickness 0.6 mm and above. State of the Art Veneer production allows endless innovative architectural design possibilities in wood working.


Alhatlani Veneer has been founded by Engr. Abdul Rahman Alhatlani and Mr. Sami Alhatlani. It's a family owned and run business, growing steadily year by year since its actual inception beginning of year 2000. Under the guidance of a visionary management and help of competent staff we have developed knowledge and expertise that are at your disposal.

At Alhatlani Veneer, you have a variety of 90 different species of veneers. Also available, several models of Marquetry and inlay, powder glue for hot press, paper tape perforated or not for jointing veneer work, veneer stitching spools (big and small) and veneer edge bands. Please visit our product gallery for digital images.


By hot pressing Natural Veneer sheets, and or Marquetry and Inlay on surfaces of MDF, Plywood and Doors, beautiful interiors with pleasant aesthetic looks are created. These skills professionaly done, are provided for our clients by us.



Fast movement of veneer from our warehouses enables us to always provide fresh stocks to our valued customers throughout the Kingdom and the neighboring GCC  countries. At Alhatlani Veneer you are welcome to inspect and choose according to your requirements. Thus you avoid unpleasant surprises when ordering from outside Saudi Arabia.


Whatever your specifications might be, Crown cut, Quarter cut or Rotary cut, Burls, Crotches, and veneers in different sizes (Door, Panel, Super Panel), quality (A, A + B, B) are available with us.



For any enquiries contact us via phone (+ 966-1- 447 1045), Fax (+966-14489599) or E-mail: . Quickly reply to all enquiries is assured.